Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold

Gyda chalon drom, rydym yn drist i rannu y bu farw'r cyn-gynghorydd Plaid Cymru Brian Arnold ar yr 28ain o Ionawr 2023.  Cynhaliwyd ei angladd ar y 6ed o Fawrth yn Amlosgfa Glyntaf ac yna te angladd yng Nghapel Seion, Ynysybwl.

Isod gallwch ddarllen teyrnged Heledd Fychan AS i Brian, draddodwyd yn y gwasanaeth.

A few months before the May 2021 Senedd election, when I was elected for the first time as a Senedd member, Brian rang me. He wanted to apologise that, because of ill health, he wasn’t able to deliver leaflets, as he had always done and he wanted me to know how sorry he was. I could tell how heartfelt the apology was, and how painful it was for Brian that he couldn’t do what he’d always done for decades to support countless other Plaid candidates. He was just as eager to be out on the streets, persuading people to vote for the party he’d dedicated his life to promoting and serving and was clearly frustrated that his body wouldn’t allow it.

After the election, he was one of the first visitors to pop into my office in Pontypridd, making sure to bring me lots of reading material about different community groups in his beloved Ynysybwl. He pressed on me the importance of making contact, and offering support, making it very clear that I
needed to prioritise Ynysybwl in my work.

In May 2022, no one was more delighted than Brian when Amanda Ellis and Tony Burnell were elected as Plaid Cymru County Borough Councillors for Ynysybwl, and then, following Tony’s untimely death, Paula Evans was elected to succeed him. Though he couldn’t be out on the streets campaigning, he made sure his support was known by plastering his window and car with Plaid Cymru posters leaving everyone in no doubt that the candidates had his full support.  

After all, Brian had been a member of Plaid Cymru for 66 years, since he was sixteen and in his own words, he joined Plaid because he believed Wales is a nation and nations should be independent.

In 1986, he was elected as a community Councillor and in 1999, was elected as the Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Councillor a role he retained until he stood down in 2012. The following year, he received the Outstanding Contribution Award from Plaid Cymru as a token of gratitude for the thousands of miles he had walked, delivering leaflets in Ynysybwl and beyond. Even in the last few years, he remained determined to play his part, delivering leaflets in his street.
Brian worked tirelessly for his community, and was at the heart of so many organisations. He started a youth club, the aelwyd, providing much needed entertainment for youth in the village.
In everything he did, he did with integrity and humility.
He became the Chairperson of RCT in 2003 and held his charity event with a James Bond theme. Brian not having married, tried to involve as many of his friends as possible in his mayoral duties and many of them had the honour of accompanying him on his official duties as the Chair’s consort, making sure that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the occasion as much as he did.
He was a perfect gentleman, mild mannered and always saw the good in people. He never raised his voice or talked badly about anyone.
He was a proud, proud Welshman, a good friend and a tremendous colleague. He will be missed by not only by his Plaid colleagues and friends but by the whole community.
We stand on the shoulders on giants. And Brian was undoubtedly a giant in terms of his contribution, and his love for his community and his country.
Diolch i Brian am bopeth – dros ei gymuned a’i genedl. Mawr yw ein dyled iddo, am ei ymroddiad a’i angerdd. Bydded iddo orffwys mewn hedd, ac i ni barhau’r frwydr dros ein cymunedau a’n gwlad er cof amdano.

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